Assalamualaikum, i wrote this entry in English languange, ok as you know it organizing a competition which is called i Green Everything. Very lucrative prize is lost if you do not enter this competition. See below for more clearly :

and so i submit my design, who want to miss it!! A little brief about my design, human are not the only creatures that occupy the earth,so when talking about green,animals also have the right to say,that is why Mr. Gori and Mr. Ele angry!! The character Mr. Gori is inspiration form the Gorilla and Mr. Ele is inspiration from the Elephant, first i come up with the idea,doodle in my sketch book and vector it in Adobe illustrator.

So what do you think? love it or not? do you think i have a chance to win? i need your views and comments. I need your vote!!

If you love Mr. Gori design please vote here
or you love Mr. Ele design vote here.

Ok,that all,thanks and do not forget to vote!!


good luck bro.. memang ada potensi untuk menang nih.


@Custom Logo Design Welcome..,thanks for drop by n comment=)


haha!!!terbaek la
santek la pulak design kamu..
tetiba rajin pulak nak belek2 semua design2 kamu


I liked the idea that you put into your design because it looks rather unusual and will attract a lot of attention.