Assalammualaikum dan Salam sejahtera,today i want to share with you all, quick tips how to create Drop Shadow Using Gradient in Illustrator. Drop shadow effect is a very good way to present our artwork beautifully. Alternate using Adobe Photoshop to make Drop Shadow effect we can use in Adobe illustrator also. Here the easy way to make drop shadow effect in illustrator.

1. Open the file that we want to make drop shadow effect in illustrator.

2.  Draw a ellipse withe Ellipse Tool (I). Next,fill the circle with Radial Gradient from Gradient Panel and take off the stroke.

3. Select the circle with the Direct Selection Tool (v),grab the bottom handle,and squish the circle from the original size.

4. The Final Steps,place the object over the newly created drop shadow. Done!!

Note : If you want the drop shadow over a background Multiply from left drop-down menu in the Transparency Panel and we Done!!

 Here is example use of using these drop shadow effect using gradient in Adobe illustrator.

Ok that all guy's see you in next another Quick tips. Enjoy!!

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nice tutorial.. mudah je rupenya.. hehehe